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#17 The other possibilities of TerraTechs screw piles

Schroeffundering | TerraTechs

Our stainless steel screw piles are a patented way of anchoring or foundation in the soil, which has many advantages. The screw piles are made of 100% stainless steel 304 and can easily be turned into the ground in order to create a solid support in a stable soil layer. Even with manual force this is possible due to the ‘non-soil displacing’ properties of the hollow tube, which forms the basis of the screw pile.

As soon as our Screw Piles [made of 100% RVS304] are placed at the right level, they can be further assembled in a simple way. Adapters offer a perfectly fitting solution for every application. In addition, a whole range of stainless steel fasteners are available to be mounted directly against the post.

The possibilities of TerraTechs screw piles:
Due to the special properties of our screw piles, the possibilities are countless. The best-known application [in combination with our assembly concept] is of course a foundation for solar field setups. In this blog we will also talk about the other possibilities of a screw pile foundation.

Foundation of garden houses, carports or log cabins

One of the most important conditions for a sturdy garden house is the foundation. A good foundation ensures that your garden house will stand like a house. With our screw piles the foundation of a garden house or log cabin is no problem. For the larger and / or heavier garden houses we also have an extra heavy duty screw pile in our range, with a tube of Ø76.1 mm. This pile has an even better pressure resistance.

Foundation of porch or roof

This is exactly what makes our screw pile extra useful. Usually there is already an existing terrace or some sort of paving. By using our screw piles, you do not have to remove the terrace first, simply drilling a few holes in the pavement or removing a few paving stones is sufficient and the screw piles can be screwed in. A new veranda without too much clutter or extra work.

Foundation of fencing

With our screw pile putting up a fence is easily done this way. With our adapters wooden railing is easily attached to the pile. Ideally, the screw piles can also be removed from the ground and the fence can be placed elsewhere, in contrast to wooden piles that are put into concrete.

Foundation of lamp post and flag poles

Because of our special stainless steel flag pole adapter it is very easy to mount a lamp post or flag pole on top of the screw pile. We also have all kinds of stainless steel fasteners in our range.

Foundation of ponds and swimming pools

Because all our parts and screw piles are made of stainless steel 304 it can be used as a foundation for ponds and swimming pools. Of course a salty or saltwater environment remains somewhat difficult with RVS304. If you want RVS316 for your project, that is also possible as customization.

Foundation of ramps, decking and bridges

Even in the case of decking and / or bridges over and in the water, the stainless steel screw piles can be fitted through the pond liner and still remain permanently watertight. The screw piles can be used with our aluminum extrusion profiles. Of course, a salty or saltwater environment remains somewhat difficult with RVS304. If you want RVS316 for your project, that is also possible as customization.

Schroefpalen | TerraTechs Schroefpalen | TerraTechs



Do you want to install or have Schroeffunderingen installed yourself?

The better handyman will certainly be able to place the screw lining yourself. Whether this is always the best choice depends on the project. When placing multiple screw fences, it may be advisable to have this done by the professionals.

With all lengths, the screw piles should end up in a stable base layer and of course without stones, debris or pipes. In the case of peat soil and wet clay in particular, doubts could be expressed as to the adequate bearing capacity of the soil. If necessary, a longer length (up to 6000 mm!) Screw post can be used. The screw piles can under normal circumstances be easily turned onto the ground by hand force, but have to be pre-drilled Ø40mm to a depth of 300-400mm.

Advantages of our screw piles

  • 100% stainless steel
  • Delivery from stock
  • Maximum load up to 3000Kg [when supported on a stable soil layer]
  • Calculating from a tax of 1500 Kg
  • Customized lengths up to 6000 mm possible, on request