Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

# 18 Solar energy and farming or cattle breeding [Agri Solar]

Agri Solar of Solar parkeerplaats overkapping | TerraTechs

For many farmers, electricity is one of their most important expenditure items. But nowadays there is a way to meet that need and that reaches more and more farmers every month. Of course we are talking about solar energy; generating its own electricity with solar panels that can be installed on roofs of sheds, stables, utility buildings, or which are placed in the open field.

It is also possible to create pastures with Solar roofs and with the transparent solar panels even the large greenhouses in greenhouse horticulture can be covered. For a large yield of solar panels you naturally need a lot of space and that is exactly what farmers have got. Therefore an ideal combination. In the field, the field arrangements [possibly on a somewhat higher frame] can simply be placed between the agricultural products or at the edges of the fields. This way you make double use of the available space.

Solar carport | TerraTechs  veldopstelling | TerraTechs


Of course it is not cheap to set up a farm on solar energy. But in the long term, it is an investment that pays itself back. And of course we are not even talking about it being it an investment in a better environment!


Advantages of our Solar field mounting concept or Solar Agri roofing

  • Modern look because of the aluminum frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum sustainability
  • Flexible application
  • Space saving
  • Favorable price / performance ratio