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# 21 The 6 tips for constructing and building your own swimming pool

A swimming pool in your back garden, who doesn’t want that? Cooling off in the summer or you just want to swim some sporty laps? But how do you get a swimming pool in your garden and what do you have to think of when installing it? Here are 6 tips for constructing and founding your very own swimming pool:

1. Check whether you may need a permit

The first step when constructing a swimming pool is to determine whether you need a permit for this. Generally, a permit is not required for a small swimming pool. There are, however, certain location requirements that the swimming pool must meet. For example, you usually have to place the pool in the back garden and a pool should not be more than 30 meters away from your house. Do you want to construct a swimming pool larger than 30 m2 or do you want to deviate from the requirements in a different way? Then you need a building permit. You can apply for this at your town hall. Extra tip: Always have your building plan checked. This way you will not be faced with unexpected surprises.

2. Determine the budget you have

You can make a swimming pool as luxurious as you want. You can have a simple swimming pool for as little as € 3,000. But if you want to go really luxurious you will have to spend € 10,000 easily. The type of swimming pool also influences the budget. Do you want a swimming pool mounted in the ground? Then of course that’s often more expensive than when your swimming pool is built above the ground. By the way, you can save a lot by installing a (large part of) the swimming pool yourself.

# 21 The 6 tips for constructing and building your own swimming pool - RVS schroefpalen3. Think carefully about the location

The most ideal place for a swimming pool is a place with lots of sun. In the shade it often feels too cold to optimally enjoy your swimming pool. Also go for a place that is well protected. A well-sheltered place ensures that the wind has no influence on the temperature of your swimming pool. It is of course also great if not everyone can see your water fun.

4. Request advice on the soil condition

In principle, any surface is suitable for constructing a swimming pool. However, the composition of the substrate determines how much preparation is required before installing a swimming pool. The height of the groundwater level also plays a role. If the groundwater is too high, you will have to install a source drainage to drain the groundwater. For this you can get the best advice from a pool builder. Once you know what is needed for the foundation, you can start digging.

# 21 The 6 tips for constructing and building your own swimming pool - RVS schroefpalen

5. Consider what kind of foundation you want

As a foundation it is very easy to work with our stainless steel screw piles, these can be used in practically any surface, of course provided there is no debris or drainage pipes in them. With screw piles, making the organic forms can also be done. A ready-made swimming pool can then be placed on the foundation or a concrete floor can be poured on top. Please contact us for more information.

6. Also provide a place for the filtering equipment

A swimming pool also includes equipment such as a heat controller and a pump or filtering installation. These must also be placed somewhere. This does not have to be close to the swimming pool, as many people might assume. You can lay the pipes in the ground all the way to the other side of your garden. Make sure that the equipment is placed in a moisture and frost-free area.