Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

#25 Solar barrier or Solar Walls: 2 birds with one stone!

Solar Wall

By 2020, we must generate 14% of the energy in the Netherlands from sustainable sources. Placing a solar wall along motorways or railways can certainly contribute to achieving this objective. A solar barrier is often an earthen wall against which solar panels are placed. A solar wall is actually a high screen with solar panels that can stand  on its own. 

So why choose a solar wall and not a solar barrier? The Solar Wall is very space-saving and therefore extremely suitable for all projects where there is little space available, but where there is a need for solar panels. Our Solar Wall is based on the patented stainless steel screw piles and these innovative screw piles can be removed after a number of years in order to set up the installation somewhere else, for example. Durable in several ways.

When do you use the Solar Wall concept?

This Solar Wall concept is very suitable for infrastructural applications, e.g. along railways and motorways and can also be used to reduce the visibility and/or noise on motorways and railways. Because very lengthy Solar noise barriers can be placed alongside roads and railways, the energy yield is very high, but the burden on the landscape is relatively small.

But this Solar Wall can also be used on a smaller scale against [boring] walls facing the south. Because of the 75˚ angle of inclination there is only a 15% loss compared to the optimal angle of inclination. Because of the smart concept there are ‘walls’ of 4, 5 and even 6 solar panels high, so it can be adapted to every possible situation.

With solar walls we kill two birds with one stone: the noise of the traffic is reduced and green energy is generated. This energy can be used to supply households with electricity. This will increase the amount of renewable energy we generate in the Netherlands.

Solar barrier or Solar Walls

Why our Solar Wall concept?

√ The Solar wall concept is a 100% Dutch product
√ The Solar wall concept is universal and modular
√ It’s C2C; and easy to re-use
√ The Solar wall is suitable for all brands of solar panels
√ The screw foundation is immediately load bearing for 100%
√ Suitable for various purposes
√ The Solar wall is very space-saving