Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

#5 ‘Do-it-yourself’ foundation based on Screw Piles

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Screwing operations for private individuals

A screw foundation is not just for companies. It is also useful for private individuals! Projects in the private domain often involve smaller projects, such as placing foundations for fences or small garden sheds and log cabins. With the handy do-it-yourselfers, that often raises the question of whether they can place the screw foundation themselves.

Outsourcing or placing the screw piles yourself?

The better handyman will certainly be able to place the screw foundation by his self. Whether this is always the best choice depends on the project. When placing multiple screw piles, it may be advisable to have this done by the professionals. The ‘Do it yourself’ foundation is entirely based on MVS © [Modular Anchorage System ©]. Screw piles are also called ground anchors, screw anchors or ‘do-it-yourself’ foundation. Furthermore, the applications are endless: from the foundation of a carport, veranda, deck, pond edge to Solar field set-ups.

The advantages of a ‘Do-it-yourself’ foundation

Our 100% stainless steel screw pile is a patented way of anchoring or foundation in the soil, which has many advantages. In a simple manner the screw pile can be turned into the ground in order to create a solid support on a stable ground layer. Even with manual force this is possible due to the non-soil displacing properties of the hollow tube, which forms the basis of the stainless steel screw pile. This distinguishes the stainless steel screw pile from the competition and is placable for a handy do-it-yourselfer. As soon as the stainless steel screw piles have been placed at the correct level, they can be further be assembled in a simple way. We offer adapters with are a fitting solution for every application. In addition, a whole range of fasteners are available to also be mounted directly up and against the post. Because the parts are made of 100% stainless steel and the design is in such way, the screw piles can always be turned out of the ground and used again elsewhere. Extremely durable.

Calculating the foundation

On the internet there is a big question how one can calculate a foundation yourself. Calculating the foundation is a problem for an architect and therefore always contact a professional or us to get you advice. The foundation is the basis for what is built on top. Not every extension, shed or garden house is the same. What will be laid on the foundation, which materials will you then use, and so on. All these specific characteristics mean that one foundation must meet other requirements than the other. A good calculation and soil research saves misery afterwards.

√ Our stainless steel screw pile is a Dutch product
√ Our stainless steel screw pile is universal and modular
√ Our stainless steel screw pile is applicable in all types of soil
√ Our stainless steel screw pile is maximally durable: at least 50 years
√ Our stainless steel screw pile is C2C; easy to use
√ Our stainless steel screw pile can be directly loaded 100%
√ Our stainless steel screw pile is applicable in water, e.g. in ponds