Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

MVS© Screw Piles

MVS© (Modular anchoring system©), is a universal system that facilitates the foundation necessary when constructing outdoor structures such as pergolas and canopies based on Stainless Steel Screw Piles. This system in invaluable for the construction of retaining walls, pilings, wood decks or reinforcing river or stream banks

The Initial Concept for our Screw Piles

The idea came about as a result of designing and setting up gardens and outdoor structures. Most foundation and anchoring systems were made out of pressure treated or tropical hardwoods and/or masonry and concrete all of which have a limited “shelf life”, ultimately requiring rebuilding of the structure. Screw Piles of MVS© solves all these problems.


MVS©: is a universal and modular construction system for all anchoring and foundation situations. It can be applied for all market segments, in all types of surfaces, including earthquake­ and flood­prone areas. Almost every building (from light to heavy construction buildings) can be anchored with this system. With the Screw Piles of MVS© maximum sustainability can be obtained. The use of MVS© Screw Piles reduces the use of pressure treated wood and tropical hardwoods, thus maintaining and promoting rainforest preservation. It eliminates the use of concrete, which is of particular importance in earthquake zones.

Let the endless possibilities of the MVS© system for foundation and construction of e.g. pergolas, canopies, wall protection, pilings, wooden decks or waterbanks inspire you.