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#1 Environment and solar energy

Solar veldopstelling | TerraTechs

The environment and solar energy

When generating power in a power plant, and when burning gas for heating and hot water in house, CO2 is released. These CO2 emissions ensure a climate change. Solar panels, on the roof or in the free field, don’t have a CO2 emission during use. However, CO2 is released in production, as fossil fuels are used. But these emissions are greatly remedied during use. With solar panels, production emission have been neutralized after 3 years, after which they only produce a big environmental benefit.

Save a lot of money

Solar panels produce much more clean energy during their life, than fossil energy is required to make these installations. This means that an installation conserves much more CO2 than it emits with the production of a solar panel. Solar power rarely fulfills the entire need for electricity or domestic water of households. The amount of sunshine in our country changes too much, depending on the season or the weather. But you save a lot of CO2 emissions if you use solar energy in addition to conventional energy. This means that solar energy is very durable. By using our stainless steel Screw Piles and the Solar mounting concept, which are C2C, you can make your field installation even more sustainable.

Large-scale solar parks?

There are many solar parks in Germany and Spain. Such large-scale projects of solar panels or solar thermal systems provide more than one megawatt peak. The part of solar power in the total power supplied by Dutch power companies is still small. However, in the Netherlands there is a reversal going on of increasing the number of large solar parks, using uncultivated areas. Most often in combination with a recreational function.

Is there a price difference?

Power from solar panels can compete with gray power from the grid. This is because the cost of solar panels has fallen rapidly in recent years. What the electricity per kWh exactly costs depends on the on-site conditions, such as the number of panels on the roof or in the field, the proceeds and whether a loan has been closed for the purchase. Therefore, no average price can be calculated. Our stainless steel screw piles are valued by NL Greenlabel with an A label in terms of sustainability.