Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

#2: Screw foundation

Schroeffundering en/of schroefpaal | TerraTechs

Screw foundation

Imagine: You do not have to drain any land, dig holes and remove heavy materials. The patented shape of our MVS screw piles has a non-ground moving feature, the screw pile cuts through the ground, and as a result the stability of the pile is maximally guaranteed. After assembly, the screw pile has a direct load taking capacity. You do not have to wait for curing, like when pouring concrete foundations. This can save you a lot of time. You can build quickly and shorten the lead times of your construction projects considerably. Screw piles are easy to screw in and out and re-use. This way, without damaging the environment, you can re-use your foundation [maximum sustainability].

Suitable for virtually all soil types

Screw piles can be applied to virtually any loadable soil, provided there are no pipes and/or debris in the soil. For clay and peat fields, a screw pile must be chosen that reaches a stable foundation. Click here for a map with the different soil types in the Netherlands, for your own country there surely is a similar map available on the internet. Screw piles can also be applied to surfaces already paved. To this end, a small part of the pavement can be opened and nestled later on nicely. Amazingly practical.

Multi employability of Screw Piles

Practically everything can be founded with TerraTech’s screw piles: carports, garden houses, sports and play equipment, fencing, solar field mounts, decking and more. Let your imagination run wild on and the options are endless with our Screw piles.

Solar field mount

We have developed a complete and highly thought-out mounting concept based on our MVS© screw pile system for the installation of solar panels in the free field. It allows to be mounted as a building package, where no drill or saw is needed. It requires hardly any preparation, is quick to install with simple tools, extremely durable and yet very beneficial in terms of costs. It may already be useful when placing 12 panels [and is suitable for all brands and types]. It provides maximum stability in any surface and is immediately load taking. Great advantage is that even after a few years the screw piles and setup are very easy to remove and re-use. Maximum durability thus.

Schroeffundering en/of schroefpaal

Advantages screw foundation:

  • Do digging, no pouring concrete
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Long life span and maintenance free
  • Precise positioning and mounting
  • Saving on labor costs
  • Short assembly time, no mounting latency
  • Immediate loadability, high stability
  • Applicable in almost all soil types
  • No demolition and recycling costs at demolition