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Extra heavy duty Screw Piles

Extra zware schroefpalen

Extra heavy duty screw piles made of stainless steel are a patented way of anchoring or foundation in the soil, which has many advantages. The screw pile made of 100% stainless steel 304 can easily be turned into the ground in order to create a solid support on a stable soil layer. Even with manual force this is possible due to the ‘non-soil displacing’ properties of the hollow tube, which forms the basis of the screw pile. This distinguishes the Screw Piles from the competition. As soon as the screw piles have been placed at the correct level, it is possible to further assemble them in a simple manner. We offer perfectly fitting Adapters for every application. Screw piles are also called ground anchors, screw anchors or screw joints.

For the heavier garden houses and log cabins we have recently added extra heavy screw piles to our Product Range, it has a hollow tube of Ø76.1 mm and blades of Ø175 mm. This pile has an even better pressure resistance, suitable for the heavier projects. In short, whatever your project or whatever the soil conditions, we always have a suitable TerraTechs Screw Pile available.

Outsourcing or placing the screw piles yourself?

The better handyman will certainly be able to place the screw foundation by his self. Whether this is always the best choice depends on the project. When placing multiple screw piles, it may be advisable to have this done by the professionals.

Extra heavy duty Screw Piles - RVS schroefpalenExtra zware schroefpalen

Advantages of our extra heavy duty screw piles:

  • 100% stainless steel
  • Even better pressure resistance
  • Lengths 200, 149.5 and 95 cm available
  • Maximum load up to 7500Kg [when supported on a stable base layer]
  • Make calculations with a tax of 3750 Kg
  • Even easier to rotate, due to the larger diameter of the hollow tube


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Extra heavy duty Screw Piles - RVS schroefpalen