Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Screw pile?
Screw piles are also called Ground Anchors, Screw Anchors or Screw Poles, and are an alternative to concrete foundations. Our screw piles have a non-soil displacement properties because of the hollow tube and can often be manually screwed in until a solid surface is reached. Therefore, you do not have to drain any land, dig holes, and drain heavy materials.

Can I also use Screw piles to build a garden house or porch?
Yes, for sure. Our screw piles are very suitable for garden house and carport. Each screw pile is able to load up to 3000 kg and also for tensile load. With our matching adapters it is easy to proceed above the ground.

Can I also place your Screw piles myself?
Yes, sure, if you are a handy DIY person. The stainless steel piles are a patented way of anchoring or foundation. In a simple way, the Screw pile can be turned in order to provide solid support on a stable foundation. Even with manual force this is possible due to the non-soil displacement properties of the hollow tube, which forms the base of the stainless steel screw pile. After that, it is easy to proceed with various adapters and couplings for top-down finishing.

Why do I opt for a field setup with solar panels?
If your roof is not suitable for panels or you do not prefer solar panels on your house, you can choose a solar field setup. The advantage of a solar field setupis that it is quick and easy to install with our Solar concept. Our system is very durable and solid. The panels can also be optimized to ensure maximum yield.

Do you have a showroom?
We have no showroom, but we have enough products in stock. It may be possible to view our products, but only by appointment.

I have another question
For other questions you can send an email