Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Screw foundation

Screw foundationThe Screw foundation is patented by TerraTechs; specialist in anchorage, foundation and structural systems based on MVS©, [Modular Anchoring System ©]. A Screw foundation is also called Ground anchor, Foundation pole, Helical screw pile or Helical anchor. The applications are endless: from the foundation of a carport, porch, decking, pond edge to Solar mounts.

The advantages of a Screw foundation

Screw foundation by TerraTechs, is a patented method of anchoring a structure in the soil, which
has many advantages. Simply put, the Screw foundation is “screwed” into the ground in order to
create a solid support or foundation. Even when using manual force, this is possible because of the
non­soil displacement properties of the hollow tube, which forms the basis of the screw pile. This
property distinguishes the Screw foundation from the competition.

   This Screw Pile is a Dutch product
   This Screw Pile is universal and modular
   This Screw Pile is applicable in all soils
   This Screw Pile has a lifespan of a minimum of 50 years
   This Screw Pile is C2C; simple reusable
   This Screw Pile has an immediate 100% load-taking capacity
   This Screw Pile Can be used for water applications

Ordering a Screw foundation at TerraTechs

TerraTechs has a broad range of components for the SST Screw Pile. Our product groups: MVS Screw PilesSolar ComponentsTT AdaptersTT Extrusion profilesTT Couplingsfasteners and TT Tools

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