Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Solar Parking Canopy

Solar Parking Canopy - RVS schroefpalen

Universal Solar Parking canopy

Space is always scarce in the Netherlands, but if you use our parking canopy with solar panels, it will give you a double benefit. Besides a modern looking canopy, you also have free energy for example. You can charge your electric cars and the entire space is also used very practically. Very durable yet space-saving.

With our flexible Solar parking system, you can easily set up your Solar parking canopy or Solar carport yourself. Because of the flexible system you can use wooden poles or our aluminum extrusion profiles, all based on our stainless steel screw piles. By connecting several of these modules to each other, very large canopies can be realized, whereby even the roadway can be covered. Do you want more information? Then please contact us.

Screw foundation Solar Parking

Our Screw pile foundation in (semi-) permanent construction, is an extremely reliable foundation due to the high load bearing capacity and drag resistance of the stainless steel screw pile. This makes it extremely suitable for the foundation of, among other things, [Solar] carports and garages. The load baring capacity is determined, among other things, by the soil conditions. By turning the screw pile into the solid ground, until a firm consistency is achieved, the load baring capacity is approx. 30 kN. The ability to draw can be stated, that this is also very high, but also has a lot to do with the firmness of the soil above the anchorage. The number of screw piles that are used of course also plays an important role in the strength of the whole structure.

Solar Parking Canopy - RVS schroefpalen

Solar Parking Canopy - RVS schroefpalen

Simple and complete Solar Carport system

  • Beautiful look because of the aluminum frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum sustainable
  • Flexibly applicable
  • Space-saving
  • Favorable price/performance ratio


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