Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Solar set-up against slope

Field set-ups are very flexible thanks to our innovative Solar Mounting concept and the foundation on Stainless Steel Screw piles. Furthermore, the set-ups are also possible at different angles of inclination, 15, 20 or 30 degrees. Really special is that, due to the foundation on Screw piles, they can also easily be placed against a slope or a dry ditch.

Space-saving installation against a slope

A solar set-up against a slope or even better against a dry ditch side is
space-saving and less visible in the landscape. This means
making optimal use of the possibilities in the landscape.

MVS Schroefpaal2 | TerraTechs

Why our Solar mounting concept?

  The concept is a Dutch product
  The concept is universal and modular
  The concept is applicable in all soils
  The concept is C2C; and easy to re-use
  The concept is suitable for all brands
  The concept is immediately 100% taxable

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Solar field installations, based on our Stainless Steel screw piles

For the placement of solar panels in the open field, we have developed a complete and extremely well-thought-out mounting concept based on our Stainless steel Screw pile system. It can be placed as a complete
kit, where no drill or saw needs to be used. It hardly requires preparation,
can be quickly installed with simple tools, extremely durable and yet
very favorable in terms of costs.

It can be applied usefully for the placement of 12 panels or above [and is
suitable for all brands and types]. It offers maximum stability on any soil
type and can be used directly for 100%. Great advantage is, that even after
a number of years the screw Piles can easily be removed and reused,
making it ultimately sustainable.

Solar set-up against slope - RVS schroefpalen