Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Solar installations

For installation of solar panels in the open field, we have an installation concept based on our Stainless Steel MVS© Screw Piles.
Of course Solar panels don’t necessarily need to be placed on a roof.


Solar mounts based on MVS© Screw Piles

Any undeveloped piece of land is suitable for a Solar installation, depending on the desired yield.

Solar veldopstellingen | TerraTechs
Open fields are ideal for the application of solar installations. In addition to the square footage that is available, as opposed to placement on roofs, the solar panels can be placed in the most favourable position relative to the sun. Even the size of a kitchen garden with solar panels on MVS© yields limited amounts, it is guaranteed to be good for you and the environment .

Solaropstelling Schroefpalen | TerraTechs


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Complete installation concept

Solar TT2

For the placement of solar panels in the open field we have developed a complete and extremely rational installation concept on the basis of our MVS© system. It can be put up as a construction kit, where no drilling or sawing is necessary. It takes very little if any preparation, quick to install with simple tools, durable and yet very beneficial in terms of cost.

Solar TT7

It can be applied usefully for the placement of 12 panels or above [and is suitable for all brands and types]. It offers maximum stability on any soil type and can be used directly for 100%. Great advantage is, that even after a number of years the screw Piles can easily be removed and reused, making it ultimately sustainable.