Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Stainless steel extension piles

Screw piles made of stainless steel are a patented way of anchoring or foundation in the soil, which has many advantages. The screw pile made of 100% stainless steel 304 can be easily turned into the ground to create a solid support on a stable base layer. Even with manual force, this is quite possible due to the ‘non-displacing’ properties of the hollow tube, which forms the base of the screw pile. With this, the Screw piles explicitly distinguish themselves from the competition. Once the screw piles have been placed at the correct level, further assembly is possible in a simple manner.

Why extension piles?

With all lengths the screw piles must end up in a stable base layer in the soil and of course without any stones, rubble or pipes. Because this stable base layer is sometimes at a greater depth, it may be necessary to work with extension piles. The extension piles are 1.5 m long, and are available as an extension pile with a double helix or as an extension pile only. These extension piles are very easy to mount on the regular screw pile. The extra helix ensures even more stability and bearing capacity in the soil.

Please note: Especially with peaty soil and wet clay there could be some doubts about adequate bearing capacity of the soil.

Under normal circumstances, the Screw piles can easily be turned into the ground using manual force, but must then be pre-drilled Ø40 mm to a depth of 300-400 mm.

Stainless steel extension piles - RVS schroefpalen
Our stainless steel extension piles are:

√ A Dutch product
√ Universal and modular
√ Can be used in all soil types
√ Maximum durability: min. of 50 years
√ C2C; easy to use
√ Immediate 100% load bearing capacity
√ Applicable in water, for example in ponds



Stainless steel extension piles - RVS schroefpalen




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