Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.

Stainless Steel Screw Piles

The TerraTechs patented MVS© screw piles, are a solid method of anchoring or building in soil, and has many advantages. Simply put, the Screw Pile can be turned in the ground in order to create a solid support or foundation. Even with manual force, this is possible
because of the non­soil displacement properties of the hollow tube, which forms the basis of the screw pole. This property distinguishes the MVS© screw piles from the competition.

Once the piles have been placed at the correct level, it can be assembled simply by means of further adapters for each application to provide the perfect solution. Moreover, there is a whole range of fasteners available for mounting directly against the post.

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Advantages of SST Screw Piles

  • 100% AISI 304
  • Available from stock
  • Maximum load of 3000kg [provided it’s supported on a stable soil layer]
  • Custom made lengths up to 6000 mm possible, on request


Soils map - RVS schroefpalen

Our Screw Pile is:

   a Dutch product
   universal and modular
   applicable in almost all soil types
   long life span and maintenance free
   C2C; eenvoudig her te gebruiken
   direct 100% load bearing capacity
  applicable in water and in ponds

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Soils map - RVS schroefpalen

All lengths of screw piles should be placed in a stable base layer, of course without stones, debris or pipes.

In the case of peat soil and wet clay in particular, doubts could be expressed as to the adequate bearing capacity of the soil. If and when necessary, a longer length (up to 6000 mm!) screw pile can be used. Under normal circumstances the screw piles can be turned into the ground with manual force, but must be Ø40mm pre-drilled to a depth up to 300-400mm.


Soils map - RVS schroefpalen

New Screw Piles!

We recently also have a lighter version L = 590mm, the so-called screw anchor and a double helix version. Especially the double helix variant was very demanding. This version is used especially for projects in poorly-bearing soil such as peat and wet clay. It achieves the maximum possible bearing capacity from the top layer of soil and prevents you from having to reach a depth of 10-20m in order to seek support. The Light version is intended for the lighter applications or where several are combined. For heavier garden houses and log cabins we recently also have the extra heavy screw pile, with a tube of Ø76.1 mm. This pile has an even better pressure resistance. In short, whatever your project is or whatever the soil conditions, we always have a suitable TerraTechs Screw pile available.

Soils map - RVS schroefpalen

Soils map - RVS schroefpalenSoils map - RVS schroefpalen