Universal and modular.
Applicable in all soil types.
C2C; easy to re-use.
Screw Piles of MVS©

With the patented Screw Piles from MVS©, [Modular Anchoring System ©], Terra Techs specializes in anchorage, foundation and structural systems based on MVS©. We consult, design, develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of technical products for the outdoors, all of which have  exceptional durability. The positioning and installation can be carried out either by ourselves or  companies approved  by our dealers. For simple applications, it can also be installed , by the home  owner using our clear instructions and the help of our brackets and adapters. We guarantee complete satisfaction in either case. The MVS© is constructed from stainless steel AISI 316 or 304 components and has achieved a sustainability award from NL Greenlabel.

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Why MVS© Screw Piles?
  • Universal and modular
  • Applicable in all soil types
  •  Lifespan: minimum 50 years 
  • C2C; simple reusable
  • Immediate 100% load-taking capacity
  • NL Greenlabel partner
  • 100% Stainless Steel AISI 316 or 304
  • Can be used for water applications
Our product range

Screw Piles

schroefpaal | TerraTechs

Screw Piles by TerraTechs, are a patented method of anchoring a structure in the soil, which has many advantages. Simply put, the screw pile is “screwed” into the ground in  order to create a solid support or foundation. Even when using manual force, this is possible because of the non­soil displacement properties of the hollow tube, which forms the basis of the screw  pile. This property distinguishes MVS© Screw Piles from the competition.

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TT Extrusion profiles

Solar veldopstelling Schroefpalen | TerraTechsIn combination with the Screw Piles our aluminum extrusion profiles are multi usable. For example: as tent poles for stretchtents or shade cloth, as an important component for solar installations and much more.

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TT Solar components

Schroefpalen | TerraTechsFor the installation of solar panels in the open field based on our Screw Piles of MVS©  we have developed a comprehensive and extremely rational installation concept with solar components. It can be placed as a construction-kit, where no drilling or sawing will be needed. It requires little preparation, can be quickly installed with simple tools, sustainable and yet very beneficial in terms of cost.

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TT Adapters


There are various kind of adapters available for both private and professional use. Whether you are thinking of applying for a bridges and bridge abutments, piers, walking decks, pilings, ponds, fences, carports, there is always a suitable adapter.

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TT Couplings

Our product range - RVS schroefpalen

For each application in garden and construction there are several couplings available to match our MVS Screw piles and extrusions profiles for both private and professional use. Couplings and associated fasteners and mounting brackets are perfectly matched.

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Mounting Brackets

Schroefpalen | TerraTechs

For every application and our adapters are e.g. various mounting brackets available.

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TT Tools

ProductsOur MVS© tools have been specially developed to work with the Screw Piles of MVS©  to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

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Applications for our Solar field-installation concept